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Clixsense Makes Dollars Too!

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Clixsense, a well know website where you can earn some extra money each day to spend on whatever you want. Payouts with checks (U.S. & Canada), paytoo and payza and others. The interesting thing with this website is that you can earn a lot more then most websites. They offer surveys, offers and tasks. Some things are partially region-bounded, like survey's. That means you will always get the survey in your own language. you can easily make more then 10-15+$ each day doing tasks and surveys and referring others. you can have unlimited referrals!



On clixsense you can do each day couple of survey's. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Sometimes more paid then other times. For a survey you'll get from 0.80$ till more then 4$/survey. Some of them take only 2 minutes to fill in other would take a bit longer. Any how its a very nice way to earn some extra cash. ATM i am making between 1$ and 5$ each day only on completing survey's. You have to check several times/day if you want more survey's so you can do them as soon (and while) they are available. Just make sure you answer the questions for truth so you won't get expelled from this nice moneymaking system. Join Free and start earning!



Tasks on clixsense are provided by crowdflower. For doing simple tasks online which computers and programs can't do they pay you a couple cents/task which vary from 1 cents to 35+ cents. The more time you are willing to spend to complete these task, the more you will earn. some people are earning a few $ each day but then there are people earning 15$ each day or more. Join Free and start earning!


Of course you can complete as well dozens of offers which gives you clixcents. Try check it out.


Every day you can earn a bonus of minimum 6% and maximum 16% on the amount of $ you gathered that day. Normal member
will receive 6-8% while upgraded members will earn 14-16%. that means if you earned a little more then 5$ that day you will get a bonus of
almost 1$ extra! Very nice system if you ask me. Clixsense is rewarding its members!



ClixSense Strategy for Maximum Earnings (without Referrals)

Clixsense strategy for maximizing your earnings potential.

Yes, referrals will be your best bet for making the most possible with Clisense.  If you are in a position to get an affiliate link out to a few hundred people, small incremental payments will start flooding in daily.  However, most people are not setup for this type of affiliate marketing.

While a ton of referrals will make a big difference in your Clixsense account, it is possible to beat out the rest of the Clixsense competition in PTC, microtask, offer and survey earnings alone.

Clixsense Strategy for Maximizing Earnings.. without Referrals

You can still earn a nice chunk of extra cash by taking part in the many other ClixSense activities.  The key to maximizing your Clixsense earning potential (without referrals) is the surveys, the ClixAddon, and the Daily Checklist bonus.


Install the ClixAddon (and keep it active!)

Your ClixSense strategy requires the ClixAddon so you can stay on top of what surveys, tasks and ads are available to you.The Clixsense addon is crucial for your Clixsense strategy, as it lets you know what’s available as it happens.

If you’re not familiar with ClixSense add on (the ClixAddon), find specific details here.

With the 800 people who are logged into Clixsense at any given time competing for the next task, good deals go fast.  They will probably not be there a few hours later.

The ClixAddon tells you what’s happening immediately, in real time, so you can be one of the first ones there and never miss a thing.  The first batch of participants in any of these areas (surveys, offers, tasks) has the best opportunity for earning.  They get more offered to them, and first picked for limited qualification requirements.

Leaving the ClixAddon running for an hour each day also contributes to your Daily Checklist bonus.  But if you see it there all the time and get used to the information it is giving you, you’ll notice how valuable it can be to you.


Complete the Daily Checklist bonus EVERYDAY..

The Daily Checklist bonus is the other area you should focus on every day.  This bonus rewards you for staying active on the site and coming back daily.  The percentage paid to you is  based on your entire personal earnings total, not including referral earnings.

The checklist is easy to complete if you’re there trying to earn anyway.  If you plan to earn the checklist bonus daily, you should definitely reconsider the Premium Membership.

After a while, you’ll notice that the more you earn from the site, the bigger this bonus gets. The amount will become too significant to pass up.

Update your profiles for the Clixsense surveys As part of your Clixsense strategy, be sure to update your survey profiles to get qualified for the higher paying surveys.

Clixsense is overly generous with its survey rewards.  If you qualified for each and everyone of these, you’d be set!

But these are not always so easy to qualify for.  What you need to understand is which type of person each survey is targeting by the questions being asked.  If you know what’s behind the survey questions being asked, they are much easier to qualify for.

Check out this list of secrets that the market researchers don’t want you to know, then go update your profile to fit the ‘profile’ they’re looking for.  You’ll qualify more often for the highest-paying surveys.

And sign up for as many of the survey companies attached to ClixSense.  The survey offers will flood in through your ClixAddon and you’ll boost your earnings fast!

ClixSense Strategy Conclusion..

If you follow this strategy, Clixsense can be a serious money-maker for you.  Over time, the longer you stay and remain active, the more money you will make.  Sign up for ClixSense if you haven’t yet.


My powerful secret..

While ClixSense is part of my daily earning strategy, there is another site that triples the amount ClixSense brings in.  Find out my #1 source of online income here.

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