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The Game of Life &
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Be a Rainmaker
Did you know that right now bubbling inside of you is an overflowing abundance of God’s favor? The way to see this favor activated and released in your life is through your praise and gratitude. Just like vapor fills a cloud making rain pour down, our praise is the same type of key that unleashes the downpour of favor. Our praise is the catalyst that lifts us out of the drought. If you’re ready to see God move more in your life, then it’s time to increase your praise and gratitude. Let this message coach you on how to develop the habit of praise as you explore the many men and women of faith who saw God perform incredible feats as they were faithful with praising their Creator. Explore the many miracles Jesus performed and see how gratitude and praise was a part of every miracle. As you apply this powerful principle, you too can be a rainmaker in your own life.


Mother Teresa: "Do It Anyway"
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If you can't be with the one you Love.
Love the one you're with.
Remember to vote and to share
with friends so that The Holy Spirit can send them a blessing!
You are an instrument of The Holy Spirit to share Love & Prosperity.

"People Helping People Achieve Peace & Prosperity"

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